NG Constructions is rapidly growing company established in 2015 and providing services in the field of engineering, manufacture, comprehensive supply and assembly of:

steel structure

steel bins and silos

pipelines and pipe systems

different types of industrial devices

20 years of experience as well as professional knowledge of the industry enable us to provide top quality services and optimize the time of order execution. However, we always place special emphasis on quality of our services and products as well as compliance with the stringent technical requirements.

We rely on trusted business partners and suppliers who also believe that common success is based on the trusting and fluid collaboration between companies with an emphasis on high quality of the provided services.

Thanks to an individual approach to each client we have managed to win the trust of many customers in Poland and across Europe. So far we have performed our works among others in: France, Germany and Sweden.


„mutual success and satisfaction”

Our strategy revolves around people – It is people that make our company. By this we mean not only our great team that generates our value, but also our clients whom we give satisfaction. Our mission is to be a recognized partner in the steel industry and other related areas.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our clients, business partners and employees. Therefore, the fundamental aim of NG Constructions is sustainable economic success. We want to achieve this by putting maximum attention to the quality of our services, modernity of applied technologies and constant improvement of organisational processes.

We will implement and  consistently improve our professional knowledge, observe and identify new business opportunities  in order to  fully exploit the potential of NG Constructions and thus to ensure profitable growth for the Company in the long term.


„Success through constant development and improvement”


„foundation on which we are building our mutual success.”

Values and principles we follow on a daily basis in NG Constructions form a sound foundation on which we build our Company’s future. Our expectation is that all personal behaviors and business decisions will be consistent with these values:

  • Professionalism – we strive for excellence
  • Integrity – we respect our business partners and employees, so we treat them in a fair, equal and honest manner.
  • Responsibility – we have a personal responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction.


Our dynamic team is constantly growing and consists of knowledgeable engineers with international certificates, professional specialists and experienced assembly crews.

In order to ensure complete professionalism we unceasingly pay attention to extending the knowledge and enhancing the qualifications of our staff. We use all of our combined know-how to achieve completion of your projects in such a way as to guarantee you a service with high standards and a short lead time.

We use modern equipment, technology and processes. However, safety of our workforce is equally important to our Company as quality and efficiency. All our workers are provided with appropriate protective clothing, personal protective equipment and specialised safety equipment. We are committed to the safety of all our employees and consider even one accident as one too many!

For all our products and services we grant a full guarantee

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